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There are various systems for building a vertical garden. However, they are not all suitable for all environments. Some of the most commonly used vertical gardening systems include panel systems and modular systems. However, these have a very specific application that is determined by the individual features of each composition.

Vertical garden panel: another specific system
Panels for a vertical garden are an ideal alternative for small surfaces, but they are not, strictly speaking, vertical gardens or big wall plants. This method is a good option for small surfaces, but it is necessary to understand the possible problems that may arise during and after installation.

The main problem in this panel system is that it is first implemented horizontally, in which the selected species take root over three or four months (provided that temperatures are favourable), and later installed in a vertical position. This vertical gardening construction method is therefore slow, and the results cannot be enjoyed for quite some time. It also prompts a logical cost increase of the project.

Another of the problems posed by this system is its elevated weight – another reason why it is not suitable for all infrastructures. In addition, these modular systems offer little resistance to strong winds, a factor that must be taken into account if you would like your vertical-garden to last.

Finally, it must be pointed out that in modular systems the substrate is subjected to continual washing away, which results in early leaching. The installation of such a vertical gardening system must therefore be analysed in each case and established by professionals who understand the potential problems that may occur.

Paisajismo Urbano does not recommend these panel systems for vertical-gardens or big plants for wall, as they do not guarantee durability of the composition. The advice offered by Paisajismo Urbano on the design and construction of vertical-gardens is endorsed by our vast experience in the field of vertical-gardens, accumulated over more than ten years of applying our patented system for vertical ecosystems to create successful installations. We evaluate all the options in order to be able to guarantee in writing the durability of our vertical-garden.