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It is often said that an added value of the vertical gardens is the impact they cause, both at the media as in the population of the cities where they are built. In general they are very showy works. Their presence in the cities is synonymous of people stopping in the street to look at them, because of their beauty or the rarity that still have this kind of constructions. However, even all of them call the attention in a way or another, some green walls go further, becoming spectacular and being comparable to artworks.

Which factors determine that a vertical garden will reach that level of perfection?
Even it sounds weird, it has not much to do with the design of the garden. Obviously, one that is cared will be way much elegant than one who is abandoned. But definetly this is not the most important point, or what will determine the final result of our green wall. It can be aesthetically well planified, but if does not accomplish certain conditions in the building and planting phases, it will become an average garden.

That is the proof that vertical gardening is way more complex than simply putting plants on a wall, and also what makes the difference with traditional gardening. For a vertical garden to be successful is essential to make an appropriate species selection for the weather of the area. You must know the quantity of light, the temperatures, the frequency of the rain, if it will be exposed to the wind… and also which are the native species of the area. Besides this, you must understand how the relationships between plants work, because a well performed garden will work as an ecosystem.

Other important parameters that you must control are the chemistry of the water (because if it is too hard might damage the plants) and the proportions and quantities of nourishment they are going to recieve.

Once all this is adjusted, the level of effort you will need to dedícate to the vertical garden will be minimum, because with the exact parameters it will barely require maintenance.

The aspect of a perfect vertical garden
The good appearance of a vertical garden is a consequence of its correct functioning. If the plants grow healthy and are not subject to stress or illness their aspect will be green and exuberant. They will adapt to the available space, filling it and leaving no empty spaces between them, and then they will keep growing, giving the wall a leafy look.

At the season they will show flowers and fruits, which will give the wall a different and colorful touch.

the perfect vertical garden

Getting these conditions might seem very difficult, but actually you only need to meet the needs of the plants and cover them. Every specie has different needs of water, light, nourishment… Providing them with these elements in the right quantities, not only its appearance will be more beautiful, but also will be stronger and better withstand adverse weather conditions or diseases that may affect them.