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Steps to become our Franchisee

1. Contact

The Applicant requests Paisajismo Urbano® information about franchising and its requirements. You will receive the Information Dossier.

2. Analyzing your application

We will hold a meeting with the applicant company in which doubt or interest will be discussed. After a study of the projections of the applicant company, we will assess the suitability of the application to become a Paisajismo Urbano® franchise.

3. Candidate Acceptance and Agreement Signing

If the evaluation is positive, and upon payment of a franchise fee which varies by measuring certain location parameters, population and GDP of the area, among others, we will proceed to the signing of the Franchise Agreement by which the franchisee will have access to technology and systems used by Paisajismo Urbano®, its portfolio, brand and continuous advice and support in the implementation of projects.

Paisajismo Urbano and the team of the greek franchise

4. Training

After signing the Franchise Agreement, Paisajismo Urbano® begins the training course for the Franchisee on our methodology and working system. In it the Franchisee will be actively instructed, and provided with information about the system and the technology used by Paisajismo Urbano® (drawings, dossiers, manuals …). The training aims to inform the Franchisee about Paisajismo Urbano® strategies.

5. Start of activities

Once completed the Professional Training Course, the Franchisee shall be entitled to use our brand and our construction system, prepared and trained for the normal development of the activity and the implementation of its own projects.