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Our Know-How

Paisajismo Urbano® in more than ten years of experience has achieved several world records, among which are: the World’s Largest Vertical Garden, with more than 3,100 square meters (Bogota, Colombia, 2015); the world’s highest Vertical garden of more than 92 meters (Medellin, Colombia, 2014); the largest vertical garden Uruguay, with almost 300 square meters (Montevideo, 2014); the second in the Americas, with more than 1,000 square meters (Quito, Ecuador, 2012) largest vertical garden; the third in the Americas, which occupies more than 400 square meters (Bogota, Colombia, 2012) largest vertical garden; or the largest vertical garden within Europe, with 90 square meters (Elche, Spain, 2009).

Achieving these projects has only been possible by going a step forward in vertical gardening. Paisajismo Urbano® has invented and developed the concept of Vertical Ecosystem, the result of research of its founder, Ignacio Solano, creating a unique construction system that guarantees the durability of the projects we create, and that has made us a world leader in the construction of vertical gardens.


The transfer of know-how and the methodology of this proven system are done through a five-day training course, which will enable the future Franchisee in the professional design and construction of vertical gardens. This initial training and the support from Paisajismo Urbano® as consulting, sample contracts, operating manuals and established protocols, give the Franchisee the benefit of managing its business project according to knowledge and methods of the leading brand in the sector.

In this way, you can start your business development with the necessary training to undertake any vertical gardening work autonomously, with the technical and commercial support of Paisajismo Urbano® remotely or on-site.

Along with Paisajismo Urbano® you will not only recover the initial investment in the first project, but you will also have opportunities for growth and expansion.

Guaranteed system
Paisajismo Urbano® provides its franchisees the experience acquired over ten years using a construction system of guaranteed success. This results in a construction technique of vertical gardening based on a perfect communion between the highest technology and deep knowledge of the biological and botanical interactions. The harmony achieved between mechanics and biology, through field studies of Ignacio Solano, biologist and founder of our company, solves all the problems that this type of gardening and landscaping compositions have in other construction methods. Our system is so effective that our partners can guarantee in writing the durability of the vertical gardens built.