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Anyone who wants to start building vertical gardens, after seeing the spectacular results that the F+P System reaches in this projects of bioarchitecture, may think that to bring to fruition a work of vertical gardening will be necessary to use exotic plants, or at least different of the ones used in traditional gardening. Nothing further from reality.

Despite that for building vertical gardens is necessary to forget the concepts of traditional gardening, because is a system based on applied biology, this is not applicable to the plants. Theoretically any plant that can grow in a traditional garden can adapt to vertical growth. In practice is not so simple, because for a vertical garden to be successful is necessary to know the species which will be used, the way they interact with each other and with other microorganisms (as fungus and bacteria), the hydric and lighting requirements of each plant, the nourishment they need, if the wall is going to be build indoor or outdoor…

Consequently, a certain technique is necessary to carry out successfully a green wall. But not because there must be used very rare or specific species, but that with the proper technique, you can move to our vertical composition almost any species.

vertical garden plants

The best results
In fact, even better results can be obtained with the use of endemic species of the area where the garden in going to be placed, than if you decide to use exotic plants from far places. It is logical, because if a plant is on its environment and in a favorable weather its development will be outstanding. Otherwise the adaptation to the environment will be more difficult (not impossible, because the ability of plants to get accustomed to harsh environments is higher than we think). And this improvement due to the use of nearby plants is not only reflected in the garden growth, it also gives the wall an extra botanical value, and can contribute to the conservation of endemic species.

Due to these motives, if you have decided to carry on your own project of vertical gardening, you should not be scared of the species selection. That doesn’t mean you don’t pay attention to it, because is an important point, but if you use the common sense you won’t have to worry anymore. If a vertical garden works correctly, is very rare that you have to replace or change any of the plants and, except for specific revisions it won’t need much maintenance.

One more reason to learn how to build vertical gardens is to give a different environment to your house, office or business with a unique composition and with a high sustainable value, which also brings all the benefits of living in the nature without leaving the city