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Benefits of our Franchisees

To join the franchise network of Paisajismo Urbano® means having the direct attention of the leading company in the sector. Our Franchisees have access to unlimited consulting, endorsement of our brand and access protocols. The Paisajismo Urbano franchisee has guidelines for managing its business at all stages of the sales process and the implementation process, as well as the technical and logistical support necessary to finish with guaranteed success any project it undertakes.

The extensive knowledge acquired by Paisajismo Urbano® for over ten years in the industry results in the transfer of know-how that our franchisees receive through training, consulting, operational manuals, model contracts, protocols, planning projects, detection leads, sales support, work implementation, technical presence in projects, maintenance, after sale service and digital marketing techniques.

Ignacio Solano, founder of Paisajismo Urbano, and our franchisee in KSA

The franchise of Paisajismo Urbano® also enjoys a personalized web positioning in your country supported by digital advertising campaigns. Also, the franchisee will appear on our website (more than 200,000 visits per year) and benefit from the prestige of our brand. Paisajismo Urbano® also supports its franchisees deriving budget requests that come to our site from its area of influence, which is an added benefit to those already mentioned.

Finally, the Paisajismo Urbano® franchise benefits from attractive discounts on the purchase of materials and access to exclusive products: several green roof building systems, small vertical gardens (domestic) and specific solutions for hospitality and restoration. All these products are an added value to the construction of vertical gardens, and open the possibility of our franchises to expand its business lines, as well as to become official distributors of our products in its area of influence.

Vertical gardening is a boom, so having the prestige of a proven successful system is the best formula to differentiate from the competition. By joining the franchise Paisajismo Urbano®, the franchisee benefits from the value of our brand, and supports its beginnings with our project portfolio, which has more than one hundred successful cases performed worldwide.

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