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Vertical Garden: Design and construction

Specialists in vertical gardens, green walls and green roofs.
Paisajismo Urbano is a leading company in the construction and design of vertical garden, green walls and green roofs, and the only company that can guarantee in writing the durability of its gardens thanks to its exclusive green wall construction system.

The vertical gardens installed by Paisajismo Urbano are, nowadays, our best introduction letter, with over fifty compositions of vertical gardening full of growth and healthy plants settled in countries all around the world, such as Spain, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Uruguay, Mexico, USA, Ecuador or Greece.

Our team is composed of architects, engineers, environmental consultants, surveyors, naturalists, biologists and doctors capable of providing an integral service of consulting, design and construction for the best realization of a vertical garden or green wall.

Paisajismo Urbano is a new concept embodied in vertical ecosystems, an exclusive construction system designed by the researcher and biologist Ignacio Solano who, after having studied plants in different ecosystems of the world, has an international patent and allows us to guarantee in writing the perdurability of each vertical garden or green wall we make.

Thanks to this system, and the previous knowledge of selecting carefully the different plants that will grow on each green wall, Paisajismo Urbano obtains the maximum growth of each single plant employed on its gardening projects, with no need of using huge amounts of water. Once grown it looks like a real piece of jungle!

The irrigation and maintenance of each vertical garden is minimum thanks to the system used for the construction and development of the green wall, where closed circuits are used to collect the water and reuse it to water the growing plants.

The advantages of installing a green wall are numberless, and these are increased when they are hotels, restaurants, shopping centers or companies that harbor this type of ecosystem in their facilities, as they stand out as a differentiating element for their business and convey a message of responsibility environmental protection.

Vertical gardening projects are also a way to further reduce energy costs because the plants help to maintain a more stable ambient temperature throughout the year, without the need for either heating or air conditioning.

Our Vertical gardening company is a point of reference in this sector and was established to offer an innovative concept in sustainable and coherent architecture. Putting into practice our experience of this projects, the team at Paisajismo Urbano knows just how to create incredible green areas that evoke the ancient Gardens of Babylon.

As experts in the creation of green walls and vertical gardens, Paisajismo Urbano strongly believes in greener and more attractive cities, which is why we have diversified our efforts to offer training courses that share the knowledge we have gained over more than ten years of experience and research. We also offer companies and individuals the chance to join our green conquest of cities, by joining our network of franchises and distributors.

It’s in our hands to get greener cities, more natural and beautiful, achieving this way the reduction of the contamination caused by transports and factories who damage the ecosystem. We also create touristic points of attraction with truly artworks on public and private spaces.

Besides the attractive design important benefits are also get, as the regulation of the building temperature among other things.